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More than Monday Motivation

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You’ve seen the hashtag #mondaymotivation but, if you’re like me, you need motivation every day of the week to workout. It’s so much easier to sit on the couch and watch your favorite shows episode after episode but, working out is so important! When you get your heart rate up, even for just a half hour, it can put you in a better mood by pumping more mood boosting endorphins through your body, exercise helps you sleep better and we all know we need our sleep to function, it reduces your risk of cancer, it increases your confidence, gives you more energy (obviously you are going to be tired after a hard cardio session or weight lifting) but, studies have shown after a low intensity workout people felt a drop in fatigue levels and a twenty percent energy burst, it makes you physically stronger and studies have proven exercising regularly increases your lifespan. There are tons of reasons why fitting a workout into your day is so beneficial! When I start thinking about them all it really motivates me to get up and get moving.

As parents, exercise is great time for ourselves. You get to focus on doing something to better yourself which in return is better for your kids! Our kids really reap the rewards when we are healthier and happier parents. It is also, great for kids to see their parents exercising so they too will grow up to put working out in their daily routines. Thinking about being a better mom for my son and him growing up to be healthier really inspires me!

Sometimes, when I am particularity not in the mood to press play on a workout video, I will go to my Instagram app and look at pictures under hash tags like #mondaymotivation or #fitmoms. Those pictures are so inspiring! A lot of people will post inspirational quotes with those tags too. Not a lot makes me want to jump off the couch for a good sweat session like seeing some of those before and after photos!

I tell myself working out is fun. This one is so simple but it really works! You can trick your mind by forcing yourself to say working out is going to be fun or maybe you are like me and really do think working out is fun so you just have to remind yourself 🙂

I probably think working out is fun because I found exercises and videos I enjoy doing. I created my own 20 minute fat burning workout! I enjoy going outside and running, its peaceful and my competitive side loves to try to beat my time from the last run. I like doing Cassey Ho’s Blogilates YouTube videos because she targets specific muscles I want to improve and she is always upbeat and motivational. Then there is PopSugar Fitness videos on Youtube with Anna Renderer. Anna is so knowledgeable and fun! I love doing her longer videos and she has great cardio ones to get your heart pumping! The best part is all my workouts are FREE!

Those are some tricks to getting motivated that work for me. I hope they can help you! And remember any work out is better than no work out 🙂

9 thoughts on “More than Monday Motivation

  1. Girl I am right there with you. I need everyday motivation and some days I still fall off! I love all this information. Routine is key for me. That and the fact that I really love food so working out allows me to still fit in my clothes!


  2. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to check out these Youtubers. I’ve just gotten into working out with YouTube, so I’m happy to have more people on my playlist.

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