It’s always awkward to talk about ourselves, so I’ll start by telling you about my son Corbin. Corbin is one year old. He is a very happy kid and is normally extremely easy. I always tell people we got so lucky with our first child! Then there is my husband Steven. Steven works so hard for our family and is obsessed with cars, particularly diesel trucks, and hunting. As for me, Annie, I love Jesus, watching HGTV, all animals (I wanted to be a vet tech from 5 years old till 21 when I got a job at a veterinary office and changed my mind) I would do almost anything for Coldstone ice cream and I wish it could be summer year round.

We have a King Charles Cavalier and Cocker spaniel named Molly and a calico cat named Charlotte but we only call her kitty (I have no idea why).

There is a little insight into the Cole family 🙂