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They started the Pitocin at 1:15pm

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If you are like me you love to hear labor and delivery stories. They are always so interesting! Here’s Corbin’s birth story:

It was October 12th and I was 40 weeks pregnant. I waddled in to my OBGYN appointment praying he would say I was close to having our baby boy. After checking me, he said I was 3cm dilated! I was so excited, only 7cm to go and I didn’t even feel those first 3cm! Then he told me that he was going out of town the next week and it was likely that someone else would deliver my baby. I got really worried, then he said my body was definitely getting ready for labor and that if I wanted to just help it along he could schedule me to be induced. My hips hurt, I couldn’t sleep at night and I was SO ready to meet our boy! I said let me call my husband and see what he thinks (I had already decided this baby was coming out). But like a good wife, I went outside and called Steven. We agreed lets meet our baby tomorrow!

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I got the paper with all the information about being induced, the phone number to call and in big letters call at 4:00am. I did not sleep more than 10 minutes that night, I was too excited! I was wide awake when I called the hospital to see if they had enough room for me, they didn’t and told me to call back at 8:00am. Really disappointed, I tried to go back to sleep and called at 8:00am. The nurse told me they still didn’t have a bed for me and that she would call me as soon as one opened up. Finally, after what felt like an eternity she called me and said they had room for me!

We got to the hospital around 11:00am with Cheese It’s and green grapes (my last pregnancy craving?) I changed into the flowery hospital gown, peed in a cup and filled out lots of paper work. Then around 1:15pm they started the magic, Pitocin! Well I thought it would be magic. I thought as soon as it hit my veins I would go into labor. Nope, I sat there on that uncomfortable bed for hours with no sign of labor. 5:00pm comes around and my doctor comes in and explains if he breaks my water that should get things going. I told him the second he breaks my water I want the epidural! I strongly believe don’t feel any pain if you don’t have to. I am 100% for an epidural! So, they had the anesthesiologist come quickly after and administer the epidural. I had been soooo nervous for that part. A giant needle going into your spine!? But, I just kept telling myself it will be worth it not to feel the pain I have heard all about. Even just the word contractions scared me! Everything went smoothly I just closed my eyes and squeezed my husbands hand and it was over!

A few minutes later my nurse said she was going to put a better baby heart rate monitor in me, to hear our sons heart beat better. As she began that process I winced in pain and she asked surprised “you can feel that?” I (a little nervous now) replied “ya”. She explained I shouldn’t have been feeling anything if my epidural was going to work it would of made me numb by now. That made me very nervous! At that point all the emotions came over me. I started to cry. All I could think was I just went through such a scary thing and was still going to feel everything! She made the call to get the anesthesiologist to come back but unfortunately, by this time I was feeling those dreaded contractions. I felt the awful feeling of someone stabbing my stomach then relief then stabbing then relief. All I could do was close my eyes and pray to get through this. Finally, after what felt like forever, a new anesthesiologist came in, examined my epidural and decided to take that one out and start over. This time was even scarier because it was so hard to hold still while feeling contractions. I remember closing my eyes and just focusing on breathing while squeezing my husbands hands again. Then it was over and I started feeling the contractions less and less till I didn’t feel them at all! I wanted to hug that new anesthesiologist! The nurse asked how I was feeling a few minutes later and I told her much much better! Medicine is amazing 🙂 but props to all you mamas that did it without!

The next few hours drug on and on. I tried to get some sleep like everyone advised but I couldn’t. I was too hungry, uncomfortable, nervous and excited. I can remember looking over at my sister, mom and mother in law trying to sleep on a chair and a pull out bed and my poor husband on the floor right next to me. They had all been so sweet and helpful! Then I looked at that dumb white board we had all put our guesses of what time  I would have the baby at on. No one won that game. I made sure to check my epidural drip every five seconds (I was not going to feel those contractions again!) and prayed I would get to 10cm soon.

Hours later my doctor checked me and I was at that wonderful 10cm dialated!! It was time to start pushing! I pushed for a long time without much progress. I tried all kinds of positions but none were working very well. My doctor came in after a and checked me and I over heard him tell my nurse that the baby has made a bowel movement inside me. I read a lot of articles and birth stories and remembered one that said that can be extremely dangerous for babies. I lost it. I was STARVING, exhausted and now this! Everyone tried to reassure me everything was going to be okay but I couldn’t hear them anymore. I knew I needed to get my baby out! My doctor called a couple NICU nurses into my room so they would be ready when the baby came and he told me he would have to use the vacuume to get him out. He told me to take a deep breathe and try pushing one more time. I pushed with every ounce of energy I had left and heard cheers. That spurred me on I didn’t even wait for my mom to count to start pushing, as soon as I felt a contraction I pushed with all my might. I had to get my little boy out of danger.

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At 3:58am on October 14th, 2016 Corbin Allen Cole came into the world. My doctor showed him to me quickly and Steven cut the umbilical cord and he was rushed over to the NICU team. He wasn’t crying. I didn’t push fast enough or hard enough. I laid there sobbing waiting and waiting to hear my baby cry. My sister and husband tried to tell me he would be okay but I needed to hear him. They told me they were going to take him down to the NICU. One of the nurses brought him over to me to give him a kiss before they took him. Steven gave me a kiss and I squeezed his hand and told him don’t take your eyes off our son. I have heard too many horror stories of babies getting mixed up or stolen. I watched them wheel my brand new baby out of the room.

I waited helplessly on the bed worried sick. Then my mom came back in the room with a smile on her face and told me Corbin was doing great! I sighed in relief. My baby was going to be okay! I borrowed a pump from the hospital and was very proud of the amount of colostrum I got for him. 45 minutes later they brought my boy back to me. He is the most precious thing I have ever seen. Finally, we were all happily together.

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  1. Loved reading your birth story! I have delivered three babies.. it’s so emotional and surreal. I am so happy your sweet baby didn’t have to stay long in the NICU, and you were able to be with him!! Hope your family is doing well!! xo

  2. AWE! What a precious gift! I’m so glad that he, and you are doing well! There is NOTHING like holding your newest gift for the first time! Enjoy this newborn time because it ends too quickly!

  3. Your baby is absolutely adorable. Congratulations on your bundle of joy! Childbirth is so special that every mom has her unique story. 🙂

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